The Swiss Laundry


Garments are not just a necessity but a way of self-expression. They are a reflection of your personality and lifestyle. For this reason, as a brand, our main aim is to upgrade your lifestyle by carefully preserving your apparels so that they can be used for a long time. As one of India’s best laundry, customer satisfaction is our main mantra.

The Swiss laundry opened with the first franchise in Kolkata in the year 2013. What started as a small business to change the scenery of laundry service, has now spread its roots to other cities of India a well. What makes The Swiss Laundry stand out from other laundry services in India is the technology it fosters for dry cleaning. We were among the firsts to introduce Hydrocarbon Dry Cleaning technology in India.


Our mission at The Swiss Laundry is simple. We follow four simple rules- to inform, to improve, to imagine and to identify. Since we are on the path of revolutionizing the laundry business in India, we aim to keep the guests informed about our whole process. Our clients always have access to our team, in case of any query or suggestion.

Our brand strives to bring modern technology to the laundry and dry cleaning business, which brings us to our second mission of improving this sector. We are forever on a lookout for ways to incorporate new and improved cleaning methods that ensure the longevity of clothes. In short, we are working towards the goal of identifying all the problems associated with cleaning garments and finding solutions to them to maximise customer satisfaction.


Our vision is to upgrade the lifestyle of people by providing the best care possible for their garments. We follow the rule of the five “U”s- to be united, unique, updated, upgraded and universal. We strive to stand out in the business of cleaning clothes. Our motive is to lead by example and be united with our customers in our goal of providing optimum care for garments. Also, since we have introduced various new technologies to this business, we are one of a kind. We aim to uphold our unique stature and continuously upgrade ourselves to suit the needs of our guests.

Last but not the least; we aim to spread our services in all the cities across India. Since fashion has become a mainstream industry, we want to bring garment care to the limelight as well.

Laundry Process
A series of steps taken for best care of each garment.


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