Laundry FAQ

  1. Do you provide home pickup and Drop
    Yes we have pickup and drop facilities all over Kolkata. Book your pickup now.
  2. Do you have urgent laundry service
    Yes we offer urgent laundry service also. Call us or book a pickup via our App.
  3. Where can we get your price list
    You can download our price list by clicking here or by downloading or App through Playstore or Apple store
  4. Can you clean wedding lehenga
    Yes, we do clean wedding lehengas. We use the most latest technology i.e. Hydrocarbon Dry Cleaning in which all delicate garments can be cleaned. To know more about our process click here
  5. Do you provide only Laundry service
    We provide laundry service as well as Dry cleaning service
  6. What is the turnaround time for your process
    Our standard delivery time is 48 working hours. We also have 24 hour service, same day service and express service
  7. Do you have an App
    Yes, we have a mobile Application. You can download our App here
  8. What is the mode of payment?
    We promote digital mode of payment and you can now go cashless for making your laundry payments too. The mode of payments that we accept is UPI, Online, Credit/Debit Card, Cash.
  9. Do you give laundry training?
    Yes, we do provide laundry training. Know the details here
  10. What is dry Cleaning?
    Dry Cleaning is the process of cleaning garments where no water is used. The garments are cleaned using eco-friendly chemicals in dry cleaning machines. We offer two types of dry cleaning services: Perchloroethyle and Hydrocarbon Dry Cleaning
  11. Can you remove the ink stain?
    Yes, Ink stains can be removed. We have a proper stain removal process that we follow which is supervised by our laundry manager who has years of experience in this field.
  12. Do you have only Ironing service?
    Yes, we provide only steam ironing services also.
  13. Do you follow garment care instructions?
    Yes, we follow all the instructions on the garment care labels and take care of the process of cleaning.
  14. Is dry cleaning and petrol cleaning the same?
    No. Dry Cleaning and petrol cleaning are different. In case of petrol cleaning, the garment is only spot cleaned with petroleum which is actually harmful for the garment life. In our dry cleaning process we use the latest eco-friendly chemicals which are suitable for the garments too.
  15. How often should we get our garments dry cleaned?
    You can get your garments dry cleaned up to 100 times depending on the type of fabric and the process used for cleaning.

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