Laundry Machine

The Swiss Laundry uses premium commercial laundry machines to take best care of your laundry. Machines used to do wet wash laundry have been imported from Europe. They are programmable and thus reduce human interference in the washing process. Customized programs have been developed to make sure that best care of garments are taken in every wash cycle. The machines we have for doing laundry are:

A. Washer Extractor

A commercial washer extractor is a type of laundry machine which cleans the garments using water and also does extraction of water from the clothes as it has an RPM level up to 1000. The extraction process in the washer extractor helps to remove water up to 80% from each garment. This helps to reduce the drying time for each garment once removed from the washer extractor. The process of washing is programmed as per the type of garment hence taking care of the amount of water, chemical and processing cycle’s time.


B. Dryer
A commercial dryer is a type of laundry machine which helps with drying of soiled clothes. They dry the garments using heat generated within them or using heat from an external steam generator. They help keep the clothes fresh and new as the garments are not exposed to sunlight which might cause color fade or sunburn marks on the garments.

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