Laundry Service Process Followed for best customer experience

  • Stage I- Attention
    The first and most important step when a garment comes to our facility is to check. Each garment is properly checked under the supervision of the laundry manager for any kind of anomaly before processing. We take permission from the client in case of any anomaly before putting that garment into further processing.
  • Sage II- Tagging
    Each Garment is individually tagged for identification and tracking purpose. The tags that are put on the garment are finally removed from the garment too in the final packaging stage to avoid any hassle for the customer.
  • Stage III- Segregation
    This marks the beginning of the processing and is a very crucial stage in the complete process. This process needs alot of experience and expertise to be carried out. The garments are all segregated as per the color, fabric, and type of wash under the supervision of the laundry manager. We also check the garment care label for each garment. There are multiple kind of loads that are made. First the process for the garment is decided i.e. Laundry service or Dry Cleaning service, then the segregation is done on the basis of color..
  • Stage IV- Cleaning
    We provide Dry Cleaning services and Laundry service as per the requirement of the garment. Laundry service is of two types that is machine wash and hand wash. Dry cleaning service is also of two types Percloroethylene dry cleaning and hydrocarbon dry cleaning.
  • Stage V- Stain Removal
    If there are any stain or spots that remain on the garment after the cleaning process, they are treated separately with special laundry chemicals. This also requires the skills and expertise to understand the type of stain, decide which chemical should be used on it to treat the same.
  • Stage VI- Ironing and finishing
    The perfect crisp and lasting finishing is given to the garments through steam ironing. We use steam generating boilers to generate steam for ironing of the garments. The iron tables that we use are all vacuum tables where there are no chances of iron burn or iron marks on garments. There are two types of ironing tables that we use i.e. square iron table and oval iron table.
  • Stage VII-Quality Check
    A final check of the finished garment is carried out by the laundry manager before final packaging of the garments. Here the garment is minutely checked for any kind of stain that might have been missed or any other process related issue.
  • Stage VIII- Packaging
    Each garment is individually packed and is kept ready for you to look your best in Swiss Laundry cleaned garment.

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